Nov 16

Fish Types Residents of Coral Reef

Fish is an inhabitant of coral reef ecosystems of the most easily recognizable, and a large number of very diverse colors. In addition, these fish inhabit coral in almost all niches.

These fish make use of coral reefs as “home”. In general, this type of reef fish can be grouped under two broad outline the foraging habits and functions in the system of coral reef ecosystems.

Reef fish will perform a variety of activities based on habit and function, which in turn form a pattern of balance in favor of the existence of coral reef ecosystems.

Based on the foraging habits, reef fish are divided into three diurnal fish (fish that are active during the day) and nocturnal fish (fish are active at night). Most of the fish found widely spread or distributed in coral reef fish are diurnal group.

This group is generally looking for a meal and stay on the surface of the reef by eating plankton, algae, or smaller animals that are either in the water column or on the surface of the reef. The fish is mostly diurnal fish darifamili contained in coral reef ecosystems such as Pomacentridae, Chaetodotidae, Pomachantidae, Acanthuridae, Labridae, Lutjanidae, Balistidae, Serranidae, Cirrithidae, Tetraodontidae, Bleiidae and Gobiidae.

The second type is a nocturnal fish (fish are active at night). During the day these fish are rarely seen, as most shelter in caves or rock crevices, families belonging nocturnal fish is Holocentridae, Apogonidae, Haemulidae, Muraenidae, and Scorpaenidae. Among the fish found in the coral reef ecosystem, there is a small group of fish is a fish that often crosses the coral reef ecosystem at a given time to find a meal but not spend all of their life cycle in this ecosystem, the fish is a fish of the Family Scombridae , Sphyraenidae, and Caesionidae.

While the latter type is the type of gray, Crespuscular fish (fish are active between of day to night or night to day). Some families who fall into this group are Carangidae, Barracuda, and Scorpaenidae.

Based on the functions of the coral reef systems, reef fish are divided into three major fish, fish targets and fish indicators. Major fish are fish that generally play a role in the system of the food chain in the coral reefs, the target fish are fish that have economic value that is consumed by the public, and fish are fish that are indicators of the health of coral reefs parameter in this case from the family Chaetodontidae .