Sep 10

Best Fishing Spot in Indonesia

Do not tell me you are a lover of fishing, if you do not know which one is a favorite spot of the ‘fishing mania’ in Indonesia.

Nah, Just visiting the area following a supposedly very favorite and best for the angler.

Ports Ratu, West Java, beaches and Ujung Kulon Malimping
Fishing spot with the best fishing infrastructure in Indonesia, in Malimping and Binuangeun, Lebak district of Banten available fishing boat equipped with GPS and Fish finder with the best and experienced crew.

The seas around the island to island Karimunjawa around Madura, East Java
Various types of fish, mackerel, snapper, and tuna giant travelly you can hunt here. Tourism infrastructure is not yet available

Waters of Mentawai islands, West Sumatra, Siberut
Especially around reefs sibora. Fishing infrastructure is not yet available, but for those of you who like fishing can rent traditional fishermen’s boats around.

Weh island of Sabang, Aceh
Especially around the cluster of coral islands Silaku, inadequate tourism infrastructure in this weh island.

Banda Sea, Aru Sea around the island of Kei, Maluku
Depths up to 5000 meters which is also great waves and wind must always changing. The infrastructure for tourism is very adequate, but not yet available for fishing. Regular traditional fishing boats rent, there are many drop zones off the nest big fish.

Sea island of Biak, West Papua
Water depths> 1000 meters. Calm waves, the wind often changes. It is suitable for fishing with popping techniques, jigging and trolling. Available fishing tourism infrastructure, a number of resorts rent boats.

Fakfak Sea, Kanka to Kaimana, West Papua
Water depths of over 1000 meters with a wind change frequently. The best place for fishing tuna. With a weight of 90 kg, the best time to fish is in November. There are a number of tourist infrastructure fishing resorts that rent out boats with experienced crew.