Sep 10

Inside Bait Fishing

Fishing of any kind depends on the bait, since it determines once in catches. In general bait for fishing is divided into:
Natural bait / Life (Natural Bait) and Artificial Bait (Artificial Bait). Criteria bait to be used depends on the type of fish to be lured. Feed for marine fish (Saltwater Fish) would be quite different bait for freshwater fish (Freshwater Fish). Even in marine fish and freshwater fish will feed was also to different types of fish. For example, the frog-shaped artificial bait will not be struck by the goldfish. Therefore, a basic knowledge of your abilities bait fishing.

Live or natural bait for carp is a special natural foods in their natural habitat rather than when breeding. Penchant for stirring the mud at the bottom of the water is to seek biota life so food. Live bait is good to use the living being to natural baits from live bait or other natural foods used at the time was still alive or dead, but it’s just pure natural bait, for example shrimp that have been peeled. Natural bait carp include animals and plants. Among the preferred example is a type of moss (algae), some types of worms, small shrimp, small fish cere compatriots, snails attached to aquatic plants, a type of freshwater mussels, insect larvae and insect itself. Some flying insects and reptiles are also sometimes fall into the water the bamboo worm, uter, banana leaf caterpillars, bees, bee larvae and larvae of ants (ants rangrang) called Kroto. Presentation of live bait but endeavored to follow the form of bait attached to the hook baits properly so they can live a long time in the water. Placement can be on the surface, in the middle and at the bottom of the water. Some effective live baits for carp fishing are red worms, worm fields (Lur) and Kroto. Installation of worms on the hook very easily, hold the worms with a finger left and right hand stick worms on the body near the head (assuming the worm has a head and tail) follow the form of the hook and remove the tip of the hook to the body near the tail so it looked a worm dangling on a hook you. When the worm is too long to cut first. To Kroto, look for white larvae that have shaped ant (which is rice mixed into artificial bait) to a single hook can be 2 or 3 heads at once. Plug the hook until translucent in the chest. Kroto or ant larvae should not be held too hard because if terpencet fluid will come out so the ants will form flat like a piece of plastic and so are no longer useful.

Common bait in question here is an artificial bait that can be digested fish, is the result of the manufacturer which is then mixed himself a bait by anglers so fast. Providing artificial baits initially during cultivation because apart easily made and practical, artificial baits can accelerate the growth of the fish through the protein and nutrients that are mixed in it. The basic ingredients of the feed made from fish meal and other ingredients are mixed and then compacted called pellets. Of materials pellet feed is commonly used by anglers, being extra potion itself is usually owned by each angler. The basic ingredients for feed or feed ingredients that have jadipun there is now abundant in the bait shop. Some of them are even imported from abroad such as pellets Marukyu of Japan, stimulating scent Berkley production and so on. But in general the feed ingredients were made as follows: 1 bag of soft pellets, 1 tin of sardines, 1 egg duck. Clean the sardines of the sauce then destroy, take the yolk duck eggs alone, mix in bowl and mix smooth pellets was little by little and stir until evenly by adding a little water. Can be used to stir the rice spoon (ladle), stirring until the clay until ready to use bait. Bait that is so can be added Kroto. Close bait with a wet towel so as not to disturb the flies and not dry in the sun. The use of bait-pulung dipulung enough about the size of marbles and adjoined to a line with a shape like water droplets. Big bait adjust the size of the hook. Common bait is only served at the bottom of the water. Experience will teach you the ingredients and dosing accordingly so that when the time comes you feed into the greatest in the race.

Called specials or special bait, is because it uses a special herb and are made usually at a fishing competition. Art bait recipe for special potion there is not a definite. Another cause of the other anglers are the recipes, other ponds another potion. However, some anglers confirmed that a special skill to make bait an angler can bring a winner in a race. Although no studies specifically towards carp’s appetite especially super-sized but based on experience it was proven that telling feed ingredients can dominate a fishing competition. So do not be surprised if in a race prevalent bait with herbs and aromas that diverse. Some anglers even menyiapkam bait ingredients well before the game because of the difficulty of the material sought. Arguably this special bait when it is so heavily perfumed scent because the author made up of materials of high protein. Goldfish do like the natural high protein foods in the original, perhaps it is this that drives anglers bait concoction created such a high protein resulting scent might like goldfish. There are so many special feed ingredients here that was compiled based on experience and the donations from anglers and some of them were the result summaries from magazines and periodicals Fishing Media Fishing two of Indonesian fishing magazine ever published. Pemuatannya deliberately made the following specific page.

BAIT spreader
Bait bait spreader is deliberately cast in a particular place (chumming) the potential that the fish immediately assembled, usually called the bait bomb. The term bombing of fishing this is as simple as the bombing but with pellet bait, lures that have become or of the remaining sweet potatoes and potato peelings that it would have been used to make lures. Feel free to throw bait spreader if allowed in the race because it is very effective at all. Find jumble carp bait will assemble a bomb that eats your bait is really just a matter of time. This means that goldfish have found examples of foods she likes it will soon devour the actual feed special potion because he is certainly more delicious. Please note the placement of bait spreader to remember the place or the spot because that is where you will actually place the bait. For that when the race starts the first thing you and your helpers (called kenek or caddies) to do is throw a bomb or the bait spreader. When it should be done by hand using the bombing by hand if not then you can paste it on your rod circuit then leveled with a fishing rod. Make at least 3 points on the place that you think is potentially as close to showers, the central region between the edge of the stall and shower (called blower, useful as aeration ponds and boundary stalls opposite) and the 2 ~ 3 meters in front of you. Do not be overly influenced by the neighboring stall first wet a hook and get the fish, binalah first point your potential is. Do not throw in the neighboring areas or shallow waters. Although not at the time you feel the benefits of fish likely to gather in the afternoon or in the evening the day before, so do occasionally forget the points you got up this potential