Sep 15

Fishing Equipment Goldfish


Basically for carp fishing is not required special equipment. A stick of bamboo with kenur diraut who have been given the hook on the end is sufficient. But in this modern era, many factories producing fishing equipment fishing gear that makes the more specific it would not hurt for us to choose the appropriate fishing equipment for carp. It is intended for practicality, speed, sensitivity and ease of use. The most important thing is the class that is used, in Indonesia goldfish called super, weighs about 4 kg ~ 15kg. With a 2:1 ratio only, the class ~ 6kg 4kg (8lbs ~ 14lbs) is safe to use. For example, if you use a fishing rod 6 kg class use the same size it was at kenur, rollers also hook. This condition is called a balanced equipment (balance tackles).

Fishing rod

Joran (tackle) for carp fishing can be selected from the several brands on the market. Quality rod chosen a good strength and also have the appropriate power usage flexibility. Keep in mind that the bending rod also affects the draining fish hooked (fight). For sheer convenience you can choose the type of antenna rod (telescopic), which consists of several sections of the stem, can lengthen or shorten. But if you are going to race almost every week, it is better to choose the type of fishing gear without the connection (one piece) or a connected, usually two pieces (two pieces) or three rods (three pieces). This type of rod has the power and flexibility of this type of antenna is better.
sample rod for carp fishing
To choose a minimal material made of glass fibers (fiberglass) are hollow in the middle is not a solid. Today even many rods are made of Carbon, Graphite, Boron or Kevlar. The ideal rod length between 120 cm to 180 cm. Commonly used sizes ranging from 5 ‘6 “~ 6’ (5 feet 6 inches s / d 6 feet) about 168 ~ 180 cm, the size was printed on the rod body. Number skelter or thread lines totaling at least 5 to sharing the load evenly on the rod shaft. Flexibility or adjust rod action be required, the more flexible the more betambah sensitivity to fish bites, the size of flexibility is usually called as Fast Taper Taper, Taper Medium, Slow Taper and some combination of them. For Fast Taper spasticity third of the rod to the bottom (Tip Action), this type of rod is only curved at the edges were straight base without action. Penggunanaannya intended to speed suitable for use during the race or fishing Galatama system. Medium Taper is flexibility rod from the middle to the end (Middle To Tip Action) to be curved from the middle to the edges. Slow Taper (Through Action) to be curved from the base up to the rod tip. Medium and Slow Taper Taper normally used for daily fishing or a relaxing fishing contest. When a lot of variety and competition fishing you choose the Medium Taper execute if you do not really think about these specifications. The thing to remember is that the curved rod action that will cause a reaction on the motion to realign the rod, the reaction is what helps you draining fish. Combine earlier level of flexibility with strength or class kenur used. Kenur too small will easily break when combined with Fast Taper, Taper Slow reverse rod fracture risk when combined kenur powerful when stomping rod or when conquered. Rod a good brand can be found easily in stores among which several leading fishing Shimano, Daiwa, Fenwyck, Berkley and many more. Back to the thread or line skelter, many manufacturers have been issuing fishing rod fishing rod products without skelter. So kenur straight rod through the stem cavity. Of course advantage, perfectly curved rod that will add strength rod. Examples of interline series from Daiwa and Shimano innerline.
illustration flexibility rod

The rollers

Rollers or real (reel) is an important tool in the fishing world today. Indeed some traditional anglers in our state did not need it sometimes. But for those who are serious in arenas fishing, roller becomes a necessity. Carp fishing will be very convenient when used rollers are spinning reel, characterized by penggulungnya lies ahead and installed under the rod. In choosing a good rolling course spining priority is the quality of the real itself. Real nice body is made of lightweight graphite instead of plastic or aluminum. Some things to consider in choosing a real spining like brake spool (Drag), wheel bearing (Ball Bearing), the gear ratio (Gear Ratio) kenur capacity and real class.
Drag or mechanisms that restrain the speed of the spool when the fish was rushed kenur is a vital tool in real. Without the possibility of failure to conquer drag fish so big, especially when faced with a super-sized carp. Real nice to have some drag strip elements in it, can be seen on the box or book pentunjuknya. It was before the so-called Front Drag (upper spool) there is also real in the back called Rear Drag. Unlike both only on the location, but based on experience, Front Drag tougher, able to withstand the pace fish smoothly without a hiccup.
Ball Bearing or function minimizes friction wheel bearings on any mechanism that produced a smooth rotation due to lack of load bearing neutralized. In practice a growing number of Ball Bearing is better, but the real price to be expensive consequences. Number of bearings should be seen from the diagram in the manual ril. Three (3) Ball Bearing in real suffice. usually located on the Pinion Gear, Drive Gear Line Roller and left her.
Gear Ratio or gear ratios, resulting from the comparison round butt (handle) with the rotor rotation. Gear Ratio 4:1 is sufficient to use carp fishing, this ratio will result in 4 rounds rotor at 1 time round handle. Real modern gear ratio is between 3:1 ~ 6,3:1. Trolling Gear confused with having two fixed gear ratio, the ratio of the low to overcome the resistance of very large fish. So on carp fishing a high gear ratio, the better, especially when race or fishing carp Galatama system.
Kenur capacity and class size ril used 4kg ~ 8kg in its class that holds kenur 8lbs ~ 14lbs as 60m up to 200m is sufficient to use on carp fishing contest. Classification of real class type is usually indicated by numbered 100, 200, 1000, 2000 and so on. Type used for fishing the gold fish is 2000 down. Some of the famous brands that proved quite reliable in use and durability as Daiwa SS-700, Shimano Stella types, Biomaster, ULTEGRA Wonder also Zeus and others.
Sample Spinning Reel


Many beginners are asking what size kenur should be used for carp fishing? The response will be very relative, because every fishing condition will get different answers. Basically, the smaller the diameter kenur is good, but the problem arises because the pond is used does not belong to itself except in the vast lake of course, where we can tug with big carp many minutes without disturbing the stall door. Ideally for fishing carp fishing in the pond, look kenur small diameter but has great power. There have been many in the market kenur-kenur imported characterized as such. But for the record please pursuers sought IGFA Class kenur labeled so that your record is recognized. In the fishing contest should kenur diameter 0.20 ~ 0.26 mm or strength ranging from 6 ~ 12lbs. In the race Galatama system can be used from the size of 0.24 ~ 0.28 mm because the circuit does not use a float fishing rod (rod glosor). Fishhook berpelampung use kenur diameter greater than 0.26 mm is very risky recognizable carp tend timid and aloof, especially in humans, and also shadow shadow kenur thick. To choose the well-known brand such as Berkley, Fenwyck, Maxima, Platypus, Siglon and others. Kenur select a camouflaged color with water colors, neon colors may also (flourecent) which is perfect for day or night fishing using rod series glosor.


The buoy is a detector that tells that the carp were eating our bait. Float or Kambangan is made of very light material that can float in the water. The material can be made of balsa wood, plastic or peacock feathers. The shape varied from spherical to rod with bright colors. At the time of the daily fishing or in areas such as Bogor, West Java Sukabumi and other buoys used are very small, like the picture on the bottom is very useful for detecting carp bite is very smooth.
buoys measure used Jabar anglers
But for anglers Jakarta and Bandung were used to follow the grand race, rod-shaped buoy used yan made of peacock feathers. The buoy is excellent detect fish bite and can be seen at great distances. For goldfish do not use a float that is too large as it can withstand motion sucked feed goldfish mouth so fish out the attack. Actually there are many other detectors such as monkey climber, alarm and other commonly used but not here.


Using a series of hook that is so you can buy in a place that sells fishing equipment or self assembled, consisting of 2 or 3 hook can be used directly. Medium sized fish hook adjust the size of the spread in the fishing pond, with the number 9 ~ 5 (usually a large number of smaller hook size depending on the brand), to race and race grand Galatama Sunday provide rope hook 3 size 5 or 6 . As for the daily fishing fish stocking of little use smaller hook with a single circuit. The series of single hook with a small buoy used more effectively in the pond that is small and a little fish stocking. Shape the hook for carp fishing is a short stemmed with curved half-circle with a flattened end fastener (spade end) material is made of carbon and stainless steel. Some brands that are well known and widely used ie Owner, GAMAKATSU, Mustad, Daiichi. Make it a habit to always replace the rusted hook or blunt. Because of the opportunity to get a big fish hook sometimes disappear because of a broken or stuck perfectly.


Seser or drain work shoveling fish we managed to conquer and then we lift to the ground. On the race course is an absolute seser unless we bring a fishing competition Galatama serokannya system has been provided. Using the correct seser is after power is felt already depleted fish then the fish head is above water (up) and gain selamkan seser fish from below. Avoid menyeburkan seser when the fish have not seen even though the fish are already there because it was close to the angler fish is still great power and lower drain will cause the fish shocked and struggled with all his strength. Use a trunked seser lightweight hollow stainless steel with a diameter of a circle of about 50 cm and a net of strong plastic rope.


After the fish is lifted then we need a useful korang save our fish while fishing. Wear korang shaped like a big sack with a rather long neck korang. Make a habit of checking korang we save before going fishing who knows there is a hole for rat bites, the fish that we put korang it passes out.


Below are some tools that may be needed when fishing was leaving:
· Useful Box fishing equipment store in a tiny fishing.
· Rod bag to carry and protect a few rods and equipment.
· Basin at least 3 pieces for mixing and storing bait
· Hats and umbrellas will be very useful when the hot and rainy.
· 2 iron rod that serves as a placemat rod (rod rest).
· Special fishing a comfortable chair.
· Grated, can opener, cloth napkins and plastic bags.