Sep 17

Stringing Techniques and Tying Fishing hook

How to make a fishing rod series:

Provide kenur leader (hook fastener) about 50 cm and reel, insert the end kenur two times (2x), which led to the short side of the + / – 15 cm. (Image “a”).
With the long, wrap as much as 10x (b) insert the tip into the opening bend kenur. Hold down the short side to the long side pull to tighten (c).
Conclude spatially both ends + / – 20 bondage knot (d). Create a gap in the winding knot earlier, and then enter the starting swivel kilinya up meeting in the first bond tightened limits (e).
Gently pull both ends, help flatten with fingers until tight (f). Up here means were fishing rope can be produced 2 branches.
To make the 3 branches and so on. Take part kenur long, bend kenur conclude 3 ~ 5x (g), set this bond distance reel is shorter than the other side. Tighten the knot, cut the rate to such images (h).
Repeat knot loose winding 20 as shown in (d) and insert into the gap before starting winding spool to tighten the bond limit both (i).
Pull both ends slowly, averaging the results of the bond tightened if necessary assist with your fingers. Until finally terbuatlah series 3 branches (j).

To make 4, 5 branches and so on., Use kenur leader even longer and make a knot at such images (g) kenur cut to produce the short side about 15 cm and the rest into a long side to make the next branch.

illustration of how to tie a hook How to tie a hook:
I. Bend the hook fastener kenur, united with the hook eye and hold it with the left thumb and forefinger.
II. Create loops to hook and rod bending kenur into the coil.
III. Windings for the leader of a rather large enough 5 coils, the smaller the size of the leader, the more the number of windings.
IV. Pull the tip and base kenur to tighten.
Check if the bond was tightened still be able to get kenur, if they should try again. Maximize bond strength with power dripping glue.
Kenur used to make a series of special kenur leader should use or to tie a hook, usually black, that is not easy to twist.
Diameter kenur adjust to the needs and hook numbers. Kenur small hook with a small or otherwise.