Sep 11

Ghost hat “Blessings” for Anglers

MAY believe, do not believe any please. Strange experience really felt four employees of private sector employees a company in Banjarmasin, H Suri, Zaenal, Badriansyah and Jaya.

Whose names all my life fishing, the acquisition at best can only be counted on fingers. But on Thursday, they had a bit of sustenance like. With four rods was able to bring home a fish of about 40 pounds.

“I am also confused, not knowing what the cause. Big fish. There are catfish, gurameh and others. All our so easy to lift. In the case only in that location, “said Zaenal representing his friends told reporters.

Four of them remain confused by the incident. Then, in the midst of unbelief, the opening fad PhotoPhoto shots using the phone. Surprise, since one of the images shots Irwan, – as the bar tender at the disco, there is a shadow looks weird.

They believe there have been ‘sightings’ spirits around their fishing locations. The figure strange creature was described as someone older man wearing a hat, sitting pensive face them fishing. In the picture, too, ‘the vague shadow’ only visible part of the stomach upwards.

“Initially we were fishing for hours, not a fish was obtained. But when the day began to drizzle, Irwan shooting. At that time we also started to get a fish in a row, “said Zaenal which echoed his colleague who is also the image taker, Irwan.

No less astonished H Suri et al, although many anglers, but only of their group matches. A number of anglers on the river can be seen no results.

Once satisfied, they go home. However, Zaenal claimed had tersentil because while on the way home, some residents had teased that the fish was not from the fishing in the river, but to buy fish in the pond.

“Damn, they cynically say, the fish was purchased. But we were puzzled why, “celetuknya with passion. Then, there are oddities after that? Zaenal Apparently, Suri, Jaya and Badriansyah admitted mediocre.

The fish that they cook and taste nothing odd. Kapok fishing again? No! The incident did not loosen their hobby four. Told, every Thursday where the employee is working a holiday, because there is no activity Friday night.

So every week they always fill his time with the refreshing and fishing. They also hope still can return with the results, although not as abundant as last week. “Come if you want to participate should aja, our hobby of fishing,” said the Zaenal.