Sep 15

Fishing, Not Just Idle Waiting for Fish

TOUR fishing could be called as a boring, but at holiday time like this, could be an alternative fishing activities for filled holiday travel.

As stated by Drs. Yudi Ismanto, Gunungpati residents of Semarang, and Krisnanto, SH, Sampangan population, and Ivan, students of the University of Semarang (USM), the trio have a hobby of fishing. They fill the void of time off or free time fishing. “In addition to pastime, fishing is a hobby for me,” said Yudi.

According to him, the fishing has its own pleasure that can not be perceived by others, when to wait and when the bait fish eat a fish. Although just a lot of quiet waiting for the bait eaten, fishing hobbyists can as if forgetting the world around him.
He said the usual Know DAM fishing, in the area around the port of Tanjung Emas, Semarang. “Fishing in there not just for fishing, but also at the same time enjoying the beautiful view of the sea,” he said