Sep 15

Locations Fishing at sea

In the waters of Indonesia, there are many potential fishing locations that you can try. In bottom-fishing is some potential locations include:

Jakarta Bay
Heading North of the coast of Jakarta Bay are the Thousand Islands, a group of small islands scattered in there. Many fishing locations in the cluster of coral scattered around. Report of the biggest catches of black marlin (black marlin) weighing approximately 50 Kg

Ujung Kulon and the surrounding
Ujung Kulon in West Java. Drove for 3 hours to arrive at the coast of Anyer and Carita. There a lot of charter boats for fishing to Ujung Kulon, Mount Krakatoa or even to South Lampung. In the right season, anglers can do Tag & Release the Marlin weighing 200 Kg.

Mount Krakatau
Unique location in the middle of the Sunda straits. A volcano that emerged from the sea surface. Krakatoa could be reached from Anyer and Carita. Approximately 2 hours by speedboat and 3.5 hours by boat diesel. There are 3 islands around Krakatoa is still active child. All three look like a part of the fraction before the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883. That is why there are many in the surrounding lagoon. This lagoon is home to masidung fish, red snapper, grouper and other reef fish inhabitants. In addition to fishing, the scenery is also amazing.

Ports Queen
Another fishing village, but larger than the Muara Port Binuangen is Queen. This location is very popular among anglers Indonesia. Some time ago there hooked a black marlin and blue marlin weighing 200 kg.

Edge Tile
It was located near Surade and Jampang Kulon (Sukabumi). Here there are many masidung and tuna and others. There is also a beach where the turtles lay their eggs in Pangumbahan. This location will be famous waves for surfing.
Batu Karas
Approximately 1.5 hours from Pangandaran gate. Once again the results masidung, mackerel, tuna, and so on. Before arriving at the location will pass through a beautiful river, like Green Canyon in America. One of the potential sites there are Legok Java.