Sep 15

Locations Fishing (carp)

Location for carp fishing can be divided into two, namely the location of natural and artificial. Natural Area includes waters such as rivers, swamps, where, ponds, lakes and major irrigation reservoirs. Locations include the artificial pond, fishing pond, pond, and other deliberately created to meet the needs of this carp angler. To pamper anglers, fishing pond filled masnya first fish course or as an unwritten agreement. There are some systems that are applied to the pond daily, kilogram, wholesale, and Galatama race. For location-made, were found in Java and Sumatra. But for natural location, may be difficult to look at Java as natural starting contaminated industrial waste and disturbed by human hands. When you want to find a natural location attractive and promising especially for carp, may have to look outside of Java. Or if there is another angler who can help can contact me via email or forums to get you the information displayed on this site.


For those who love adventure course fish fishing fishing would be more exciting if the natural location of fish habitat. Unfortunately in Indonesia, little or almost no adventurous anglers who specialize only in species of carp. Average catch whatever they think is obtained, that is what they are fishing. While that may specialize only in freshwater predatory fish species such as cork, Belida, Sius and others. And that’s been very good, who knows there will be a species of freshwater fish are natural (not cultured), which became the belle of Indonesia, such as Sea Bass, Salmon, Trout, Pike in the western world there.
For the curious you can try the location on a large irrigation reservoir like Cirata, Jatiluhur and Saguling in West Java, where goldfish potential because most come from breeding and cultivation nets floating around that many who had escaped into the wild. What more can you identify the nature of the condition of waters. Look for the preferred location of carp and freshwater fish generally. Natural water conditions are maintained properly, can be an ideal place as the natural habitat of fish. Characteristics of the open waters that might be worth considering as a natural location as follows:

The water temperature greatly affects the existence of a body of water fish. The preferred temperature of fish ranged from 20 º ~ 26 º C or warmer temperatures.
Water depths range from 1 to 4 meters.
Conditions somewhat murky waters, it is even favored fish than the very clear waters. But remember turbidity not caused by sewage pollution, or waste.
Waters despite the fast-flowing river (River Stream) and standing water (Still water) such as a lake must have a small current to moderate or extensive surface that guarantees the availability of oxygen and food needed fish.
Waters appear stationary (Still Water) as a greenish moss (algae) covering the surface of well-liked fish.
Other special conditions are potentially habitable waters like fish: the deepest of the base surface waters as deep and wide the former digs. Part of the water that makes her all wooded protected solar hot water. Trees fall down and partially submerged in the waters of the trunk to be a strong clue as a good place. Plant grass or reeds and lotus even be the favorite big fish.
Indication of surface water that can be observed among the sudden water turbid due to the fish being stirred or shocked by your presence, the presence of air bubbles (called seepage) having the direction of the signal the presence of fish, note the area was quiet when the wind came because the line winds at the surface indicate a preferred place fish on the basis of water such as rocks, tree logs and other submerged. If possible find a location that is not the point of exploitation of large-scale fish or rarely disturbed man.

DAILY pond

Daily pond is a special place reserved for fishing. In this pond anglers usually pay a price stall (stall rent following the fish) and then fishing. Fishing trips can be done every day even fishing is open it 24 hours.

Dam kilogram

Named pond kilogram since the system that is used when fishing in these ponds is by weighing the catch obtained, and anglers pay a price based on its acquisition.

Pond Volume

Angler or group of anglers that when fishing pond rent, the amount of fish in ponds filled by agreement the two parties. Alternatively, you can bid on the contents of a group of anglers that belongs to farmers cultivating pond, then lure after a price agreement.


This is where the angler tries his toughness by applying knowledge and experience to others without reducing angler familiarity others. In the race organizers usually have to fill in a number of fish in advance and provide a number of prizes for the winner. Criteria winner is determined by the acquisition of the toughest competitors gained perekor fishing. The competition is usually held from morning to evening on a Sunday or any other holiday.

Dam Galatama

Fishing in the pond system Galatama are those who really want to hone their skills fishing, because the fish are not taken home as the fishing system that has been mentioned above. Fish were stocked in the pond is very numerous, its implementation can every day and there is competition for the prize. For usually a cash prize, the amount depending on the number of participants after the money collected is reduced by the portion that is rightfully committee. Criteria for winners according to mutual agreement, usually the heaviest fish like champions, champions red fish, total weight gain of fish champion and champion units total acquisition amount of fish. In each race day is divided into several round or rounds, the length between 2 ~ 2.5 hours perbabak. In each round winner determination results obtained. Fish obtained released back right away after weighing. Some rules Galatama somewhat different competitions such as the participants are not allowed to use berpelampung circuit, using live bait such as worms and Kroto and some other rules which vary from a holding pond fishing Galatama. In some areas the call gaplean The system is almost similar to Galatama.