Sep 17

goldfish Breeding

As with other fish, how to breed Goldfish is laying. Pijahnya period (breeding season) can occur throughout the year. But in the natural waters of the tropics during her wedding was at the beginning of the rainy season at which time it occurs aroma stimulation of dry land were flooded by water. The females will lay eggs in shallow water near the plants of sunlight penetrating the water, the eggs stick to the leaves. In ideal conditions and warm temperatures, the eggs will hatch in 5 to 8 days. In pond aquaculture, the eggs are attached to the spawning medium was transferred to another pool in order to obtain maximum results. This is done considering the female parent and the male parent lazy guard the eggs. After hatching, the children will be raised carp for a few to be worthy of consumption weighing approximately 250 grams. To inducement is usually Goldfish have weighed 500 grams and above.