Sep 17

carp habitat

Goldfish live in the wild on a fast-flowing river calm to moderate and freshwater areas such as lakes, reservoirs and there. These fish occupy the shallow waters of the depths to moderate, can live and breed well in waters with a height of 150-600 meters above sea level with a temperature range of 25-30 ° C. Goldfish liked the warm waters with a somewhat murky color of the water that provides many natural food. Goldfish are freshwater fish that can live in brackish water such as ponds or coastal marshes and estuaries with salinity 25-30%. The place is ideal for Goldfish in freshwater are: niche or small area at the base of the deepest waters. Stagnant river rindangmya protected by trees. Riverbank protection incorporating objects such as fallen trees and boulders. The lake filled with aquatic plants like lotus, lotus, algae and other water. Goldfish like a certain place not only because of the availability of many natural food but also water the plants useful as a spawning and refuge. Goldfish can adapt well to be able to live in freshwater spread throughout Indonesia. When fishing, of course, carp fishing enthusiasts can easily determine a good fishing hotspots on daily fishing pond, fishing pond or ponds Galatama race.