Sep 17

carp eating habits

Every animal has the behavior (behavior) different. In fish, Goldfish in particular, in addition to known species, breeding and habitat of the feeding habits (feeding habits) are also important to know, because this knowledge will be a guide for determining bait anglers, know when to eat, appetite and so on. Goldfish come in groups and are very voracious omnivores. He is fond of poking around the bottom waters in search of food. Natural food includes aquatic plants, algae, worms, snails, shrimp, clams, insect larvae and other organisms in aquatic either found on the bottom, the middle and the water surface. carp-how-they-feed Carp How They feed by Jeff Coultas While artificial feed was introduced by humans at Goldfish in pond aquaculture, fishing pond and in the places where people throw away leftovers. Artificial feed (feed) is made human by copying aroma or form of natural food. How to eat fish that is quite unique with its mouth wide open and then suck up the food like a vacuum. So soft structured feedback form small particles suitable for Goldfish. Under conditions of high appetite, whatever it thinks will be exploited later sampled food and non food will be disposed of in an ejected. Of course, diet is a valuable guide for carp anglers, because it helps in the detection of lightning using float and assist in determining the point of burst. Instinctively Goldfish require additional food intake the body needs to grow and multiply. So in addition to hunger, malnutrition and protein needs will also stimulate appetite Goldfish. And believed that foods with high protein content has a distinctive scent. So that the bait is made from a mixture of cheese, milk, eggs, butter would be very suitable for use as an additional feedstock.

Goldfish tend to be grumpy in the morning feeding time, warming waters and sunshine in the afternoon. So these times can also be a reference when seeking to eat Goldfish. While some of the factors that influence eating Goldfish is the oxygen content in the water, acidity, water clarity and the level of fish health condition itself.