Classification and selection of a fishing lure

Many fishermen are when we are not putting a decoy safe in choosing one that is effective and simply have a thing for the lures that we like or that were effective at times. There are those who fished for fun, sport to those who carry the passion of fishing to the level of healthy competition, but rarely can establish criteria of choice in when we go fishing lures and when we buy new lures. So many experts after a long sport fishing experience end up concluding that there were many lures that had not been used in their boxes or in their cases were closed to fishing because unknown organizing features and recommendations. And their most effective lures are those who were put into action by classification, use characters and settings according to each fishing situation.

The main purpose of this guide is to make a classification and characterization of the types of basic lures for fishing in all techniques. For every fisherman this guide will be a valuable reference when buying a fishing lure.

All lures have a formal composition and a defined function to arouse the instinct to attack a fish. Each of the characteristics of a lure make it potentially suitable for a fishing situation. We must also consider who uses the lure should follow the recommendations for use of the lure and that the environment influences at different times or all in a day’s fishing.


This type of lure is a classic for sport fishing and one of the most widely used in all kinds of fishing situations. Movement about an axis of the sinkers in fish wakes hostility.

Note the shape of the stage which determines the angle of rotation. The plate also defines whether a spoon surface (covering levels near the surface) or deep. The sinkers are rounded spoons are to be used in shallow or surface. The elongated plates are spoons that are constant and to be used in deep water.

The spoons are recommended in certain colors from experience but may be noted that the colors silver, gold and bronze can be used in any situation. Spoons with fine details and colors with textures semitransparent fish to water and spoons in bright colors like lime green or yellow colors are to dark and murky waters.

Spoons are a type within this classification and are undulating spoons. These are typical to be composed only of the platen. This tends to rotate in an unpredictable manner to be highly attractive to fish. They are very effective when you want to catch big fish.


There are many models, of varying depth, constant depth, depth.

Please note this reference because depending on where you are fishing and the conditions you can choose one of depth or variable depth. The key is to find fish under these conditions and the place where you are fishing.

Poe example, if you are fishing in a dam and know that this has a depth of 5 or more meters is a great option to choose a LURE DEPTH, which usually is devoid of bib (plastic or metal foil in the mouth of the lure) and pellets also have house help to be heard by the fish from a distance or when the water at depth is very dark. As for the colors always have a color imitation of a fish (flakes details and colors like a real fish) and one striking in silver, green and yellow or red combined.

It should be noted that these can be worked a few meters deep and can be brought immediately contact with water. The technique in these lures is that: the longer you leave them in water that reach further. Even some manufacturers determine how many meters down as the seconds left in the water.


They are very effective because you can control the depth. These have a high possibility of being attacked by covering different depths in a single stroke. Common and highly used are called crankbaits. According to the spins that you produce a spool lever will cause the lure down to certain depths. If you stop turning the handle of the reel the lure begins to rise to the surface, if you ever turn the reel handle this down another flight and so on.


They are very useful when fish are kept together, so they can ensure several bites at specific locations. Also when these places are shallow and anglers can see the area of ​​pique or where the fish.

This type of lure is one of the most striking for sport fishing and one of the most widely used in all kinds of fishing situations. They enjoy little fame but considering fetched a good technique cause multiple hits. His great imitation of the real movement of the fish, unpredictable movement and low weight make these chopped potential instantly.

Please note the size depending on the species of fish to catch. Keep the description of the colors used in the spoons. These have a great advantage over the other and that is that there are multiple ways to be placed on the line and used with different weights and hooks, besides its low cost comparable with faux wood or plastic fish described.


This type of lures produce great satisfaction for both novice and professional anglers as working on the water surface (floating) require fish to rise and produce strong bites.

Note that these do not require great skill to bring. The basic techniques are the stop and go and the famous technique walking the dog. In this classification are the famous poppers, stickbaits, pencils.


no other lures which are combinations of the above described parts. Some of which are: spinner baits spoons sinker combination structure in wire and a soft plastic. JIGS combination of leaded hooks with soft plastic or synthetic leather, etc..

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